The presence of dryers in our everyday life contributes greatly to simplifying housework. Nonetheless, they are not as resistant to technical failure as any other device. Among the most popular problems faced by homeowners include bad and non-functional dryer start switches. Its failure renders you incapacitated as regards washing your clothes. However, it is time to go into detail and discover how to avoid a dryer beginner switch.

dryer start switch

Understanding the Dryer Start Switch:

Firstly, understanding what a dryer start switch does within an appliance is key before considering workarounds. The dryer start switch is one of the key components that set off a chain of drying processes, starting with the pressing of the switch. In case a switch fails or your dryer refuses to start, your heap of damp-washed clothes will lead you to a mysterious challenge.

Identifying Signs of a Faulty Dryer Start Switch:

It’s important to find out if the starter switch is what’s causing the problems before considering installing a bypass. Common signs of a faulty dryer start switch include:

1. No Response: When the start button is pushed, there is nothing that happens in the dryer.

2. Inconsistent Operation: A problem could be present in its dryer start switch contacts that cause an intermittent dryer starter.

3. Noisy Operation: These are often accompanied by strange noises upon pushing the start button, which might indicate an injury to the switch on the inside.

If you are certain that the dryer start switch is the one causing the problem, it is high time you consider a bypass.

Tools and Materials You’ll Need:

To successfully bypass a dryer start switch, gather the following tools and materials:

1. Screwdriver Set: To operate a dryer’s control panel.

2. Multimeter: To measure electrical continuity.

3. Wire Strippers: In the bypass wiring method.

4. Wire Nuts: To securely connect wires.

5. Electrical Tape: For additional insulation.

6. Replacement dryer Start Switch (Optional): In case you intend to replace the switch afterward.

Safety First:

However, ensure that you cut off the power supply before any attempts of repair or modification. Ensure that you unplug your dryer or switch off the circuit breaker to avoid electric accidents.

Step-by-Step Guide on Bypassing a Dryer Start Switch:

1. Access the Control Panel:

Remove the control panel using a screwdriver.

You should lift the panel with care to gain access to the internal components.

2. Locate the dryer Start Switch:

Locate the startup switch inside the control panel. It is usually linked to the control panel.

3. Remove the Start Switch:

Ensure you disconnect the wires attached to the dryer start switch.

Take away the dryer start switch with a screwdriver from the panel.

4. Check for Continuity:

Carry out a test using a multimeter across the dryer start switch terminals for continuity.

Failure of the switch would cause no continuity when pressed.

5. Prepare Wires for Bypass:

Use wire strippers to make short pieces of wire to jump the switch.

6. Bypass the dryer Start Switch:

At one end of the first wire connect to the common point of the dryer start switch.

Connect the end of the initial wire to the input terminal connected to the control board.

Join one end of the second wire to the NO terminals of the motor starter switch.

Attach the remaining end of the second wire to the voltage-sending terminal to the motor.

7. Secure Connections:

Tighten the connections with wire nuts to prevent them from loosening up.

To be extra safe, ensure you wrap each connection with electrical tape.

8. Test the Dryer:

Flip the switch of the dryer and reset the circuit breaker.

Press the start to determine if the bypass was a success.

If the bypass was successful then the dryer should start.

9. Consider Replacement (Optional):

In case your bypass is functional, you can replace the dryer start switch to get a permanent fix for the issue.

10. Understanding the Control Circuit:

Explore further about the wet control of the dryer where you will learn more about what the dryer start switch does and how it functions.

Discover how the dryer start switch engages with other components like the timers or thermostat switches.

11. Common Dryer Issues and Solutions:

Also, talk about any other issues that could hinder the operation of your dryer.

Give users guidance on solving problems such as excess heat, making strange sounds, and not heating up.

12. Routine Dryer Maintenance:

Stress the need for regular inspection to avoid further problems.

Provide a detailed manual on how to clean lint traps, verify vents, and maintain good air circulation.

13. DIY Appliance Repair Safety Tips:

Safety tips while handling electrical tools and equipment.

Offer suggestions on when to attempt a DIY repair or when to get a professional instead.

14. Exploring Advanced Repairs:

Move readers into the arena of more advanced repairs like repairing the heating elements, replacing thermostats, and the drum motor problems.

15. Tips for Sourcing Replacement Parts:

Direct readers on the locations of dependable substitute components for their dryers.

Explain the role of original products in attaining maximum efficiency.

16. Case Studies and Real-Life Experiences:

Relate life cases that were used for dryer start switches bypass.

Capture their challenges and their overcoming strategies.


Running your dryer around a bad dryer start switch is an immediate fix until you buy a new one. Nevertheless, this should be carried out with care, ensuring that safety is considered throughout. It’s advisable to avoid electric work or consult a technician when uneasy, in case a problem remains. Note that gaining expertise in switching past a dryer start switch is just one part of being yourself domestic appliance technician.

FAQ’s about ( Bypass a Dryer Start Switch )

Q1: Why is the dryer starter switch used and what is their purpose?

One of the important parts of the dryer’s control system is the dryer start switch. Pushed against, it begins the drying period sending electric current all over the entire system and turning on the motor and any other required elements.

Q2: What are the signs that indicate my dryer start-switch is bad?

Symptoms of a bad ignition switch are no response to pushing the starting button, stopping and working again, or abnormal sound when it operates. A continuity test that utilizes a multimeter might be employed as proof of the dysfunctional state of the switch.

Q3: Why should I have to go around the dryer start switch?

You can bypass the dryer start switch and use this as a temporary measure to make your dryer function when the switch gets faulty. You will still use the device even as you look for a new switch to be connected to it or a better long-term alternative.

Q4: Is it safe to bypass the dryer start switch?

It is safe to bypass a start switch. However, for safety reasons, it should be handled with great caution. Turn off the power, disconnect your dryer, and look for a qualified person for help if you are not sure about your competence in electric works.

Q5: Would any wire work in bypassing the dryer start switch?

By-passing the dryer start switch must be done using the rightly rated wires. Make sure you select the right wires that can accommodate the capacity of your dryer and securely connect them with wire nuts and electric tape.

Q6: For how long shall I use the bypassed dryer start switch before changing it?

The temporary solution is the bypass. Although this permits the use of the dryer, the damaged dryer start switch needs to be replaced immediately so that any probable safety issues are avoided and also the continued dependability of your equipment.

Q7: Is it okay that I replace the star switch on my own?

This is a rather complicated DIY job that requires replacing the dryer start switch. You can try if you are comfortable dealing with electric items and have proper equipment. But in case of doubt, a qualified technician should be contacted.

Q8: Who can give me a replacement starter for my washer and dryer or where can I get one of those?

These replacement dryer start switches are available in appliance repair shops, online retailers, or directly from the manufacturer. Make sure that you buy a suitable model for your dryer.

Q9: Are there other things that could influence the way my dryer works too?

Yes, various things may affect the drying process such as a defective electric heater, a non-functioning thermostat, or a damaged drum motor. These problems are preventable by regular maintenance and troubleshooting.

Q10: What precautionary measures should I observe during routine dryer service?

When carrying out regular inspections ensure that you disconnect the dryer from the power supply for security reasons. Check lint traps for cleanliness, examine vent holes, and make sure that there is enough air passing through regularly during operation to avoid burning.

Q11: Should I make DIY attempts at advanced dryer repairs?

Heating element repair and replacing the thermostat are more advanced functions. These will need more knowledge about electrical systems than the first mentioned one. In case you are not sure, it’s best to seek help from an expert technician to avoid these dangers.

Q12: Will generic parts work with my dryer?

There are alternative generic parts for replacement but the recommendation is to use the manufacturer’s genuine parts. Original parts ensure optimum performance, interchangeability, and safety for your particular dryer design.

Q13: Do you know of anybody who has managed to defeat their dryers after their dryer start switch?

Indeed, some people have been able to bypass their dryer start switches in certain cases. Such experiences usually entail the scrutiny of the device, abiding by safety rules, and devising temporary measures as one prepares to find a permanent solution.

Q14: How regular is your routine maintenance of a dryer?

The maintenance services that should be carried out regularly include, but are not limited to cleanings of lint traps and vent tests. Nonetheless, you should check the user manual of your dryer for its specified instructions according to usage frequency.

Q15: In addition, can I cut off the dryer start switch in any model of a dryer?

Although the idea behind bypassing a starting switch across dryers is similar, each model has its step-by-step procedure on how it should be done. Always check the hand of use in your dryer’s user guide, or approach a professional if you are not sure about the right procedure for your device.

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