Do you have any experience with your GE washer that turns on by itself? If so, you’re not alone. Many times, this is one of the things that many GE washer owners experience. However, please do not fret; this guide will reveal why this occurs and how to rectify it.

Understanding the Problem

GE Washer is an advanced appliance that simplifies your washing problems. Nevertheless, this device behaves unpredictably like any other electronic device. For instance, one of these problems is the GE washer starting without being initiated. This is very disturbing, more so when it occurs without you present.

This issue has numerous causes, including a malfunctioning control board and wiring damage. Your GE Washer has a brain that controls its functions, which is the control board. It may make itself malfunction and lead a washer to “on itself”. Similarly, faulty wiring may lead to uncalled-for powering of the washing machine.

To solve this issue, it should be understood in detail. Once you have learned the potential sources of the problem, you can remedy the situation and ensure that it will not happen again. This document is designed to enlighten you about what makes a GE washer turn on by itself and its possible solution. In case of any other queries and fears, contact an expert or that of the GE washer customer service.

Why does your GE washer turn on by itself?

Your GE Washer may turn on itself for a variety of reasons. A broken control board is the most common one. Your GE Washer has an on/off button that goes to a control board, with faults that make it take some undesirable actions.

This could also be attributed to condensation, which damages the wiring. An unexplainable moisture in the wires responsible for starting your GE Washer may have resulted from damage because of the unwanted condensation.

It may occur as a power surge or in other cases. This way, an unexpected power surge can switch the GE Washer on. Thus, surge protections are essential at all times when it comes to preserving these appliances.

In this final case, it could be caused by a software failure. Just like any other smart device, your GE Washer operates with software. In some cases, there can be a bug in the software making a machine switch on. Updating the software and setting up the Washer again may solve the problems.

It is fixing a GE washer that turns on by itself

The moment your GE Washer turns on itself, the initial action you should take is to scrutinize the control board. When this happens, the control board will have to be new. New control boards for washer models by GE are now available online.

Therefore, if the problem is not associated with the control board, then it means that some wires might have been damaged or disconnected. For instance, you may consult an expert to assess and fix the GE washer wiring.

Sometimes, it could happen because of a power surge or fluctuation. Also, using a surge protector will reduce power surges that may turn the Washer on without your consent.

However, if a software glitch causes the problem, updating the software or a GE washer reset are possible solutions. To access updated software, you may look at the user manual of your GE Washer for the procedures involved in updating or resetting the Washer.

Preventive Measures

To prevent your GE Washer from turning on by itself in the future, here are some preventive measures you can take:

Regular Maintenance: Maintaining the normal functioning of your GE Washer prevents a majority of problems, such as a washer that self-turns on. Therefore, the machine should be cleaned periodically, among other things. Moreover, it should also be checked for signs of damage and wear-out.

Proper Use: Users are advised to strictly follow the washing machine manual while operating their GE Washer. Many problems could arise from the misuse, such as the Washer going on by itself.

Professional Help: If you cannot handle the inner workings of your GE Washer, seek professional help. It will be correctly diagnosed and repaired by a professional.

Use a Surge Protector: Such power surges may switch on the GE Washer without prior warnings. Using a surge protector can safeguard your Washer against sudden power surges.

Keep the Washer Dry: Damage to the wiring, resulting in the GE washer turning on by itself, might be caused by moisture. Ensure that the Washer is dry and place it in an open spot.

Software Updates: Ensure you update your GE Washer software regularly. Bug fixes frequently form part of software updates and can also rectify problems such as the Washer automatically switching on at night.


Having a self-turned GE washer may sound scary, but this is typically not cause for concern. However, with some understanding and a little more effort, you will overcome this challenge and avoid encountering this predicament next time. It is essential to always follow routine servicing requirements and safe handling instructions toward a long product life expectancy and optimal service output.

Hopefully, this guide will have aided you in understanding why your GE Washer may be turning on automatically and what is required for troubleshooting. Contact your professional or GE Washer customer service with more queries or worries.

FAQ’s on ( GE washer turning on by itself )

Q: What leads to a self-turning GE Washer?

A: The reasons for your GE Washer’s self-activation could include a broken control board, messed up cables, a surplus of energy, or a computer failure.

Q: Why does my GE washer act as if it is doing it automatically when it isn’t?

A: If the control board is faulty, you may be able to check it and replace it. However, if the issue arises due to damaged wiring, you must seek help from an expert. You may solve this problem by using a surge protector. Changing the settings can solve the issue if it’s related to malfunctioning software. Resetting the machine can also help in this context.

Q: Does a power surge make my GE washer run by itself?

A: Absolutely! A sudden power influx may activate your GE washer. A surge protector is one way of saving your Washer from electricity or voltage irregularity.

Q: What measures should I follow to stop GE Washer from coming on by itself?

Having your Washer turned on by itself is something you should be able to avoid with regular maintenance, proper use, if necessary, contacting a professional for help, installing a surge protector, and keeping the Washer dry and up-to-date with software.

Q: Should I consult a professional if my GE Washer switches on itself?

Contact a specialist if you are unwilling to interact with your Washer’s insides. This will enable them to identify and remedy the problem adequately.

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